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         “We’re not dating, but we’ve come to trust each other in such a way that when people look at us they think, ‘Oh, they’re so close. They must be a couple.’ But an intimate relationship doesn’t have to be sexual—he turns me on intellectually and we wholeheartedly enjoy each other’s company. We feel that we’re each other’s surrogate true loves.”

    Danielle and I

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  3. My grandma and me

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    Twinkle LA. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani

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  6. My favorite arcade game

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    Coffe Break

    Janell - IG: @janellariella

    Photo by: Andres Latorre  IG: @shotbyandres

    www.shotbyandres.com   shotbyandres.tumblr.com

    Oh my

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    Lego Logo (with my newly acquired trinity! :) )http://daily-superheroes.tumblr.com/

    Everything it’s awesome

  8. I want a pig so I can name him Napoleon after Animal Farm

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