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    if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

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    RIP Pimp C



    Late night stretches.

    I just noticed his pale ass foot in the corner…

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    Oksana Kim

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    Lisa Bonet, photographed by Francesco Scavullo for Harper’s Bazaar, September 1986. Clothing by Michael Kors.

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  6. newshour:

    "Poets and beggars, musicians and prophets, warriors and scoundrels, all creatures of that unbridled reality, we have had to ask but little of imagination, for our crucial problem has been a lack of conventional means to render our lives believable. This, my friends, is the crux of our solitude.”

    -Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez has died at age 87